Lots of socks

January didn’t shape up as I expected. I did knit quite a bit…just not on the things I had intended. Somehow, though, you can either roll with it, or allow yourself to be steamrolled.

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Socks! Pair #1 is done.

My knitting output has slowed down a bit in the past month. I’m blaming it on three things…finally having some time to relax, catching a cold, and video gaming.

The first one is easy…the big Yule rush is over, so I can take my time. No hurry, right?

The second and third? Well, when I catch a cold, I don’t necessarily want to be sneezing into my knitting. I’m making handknits, not plague blankets. Last thing I need to do is to spread my winter cold to some poor, unsuspecting person who just happened to receive an item from my knitting basket. It just happened this year that I caught some tummy bug that manifested on the night of Christmas Day – and then just as I was recovering from that, I caught yet another cold that knocked me flat on my arse.
That said, there has been some knitting.

Socks! Pair #1 is done. was originally published on Stringchronicity. You can read the full post and comment there!

I’m only doing this because a web app won’t let me “claim” my own blog otherwise. Bastards.

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I’m only doing this because a web app won’t let me “claim” my own blog otherwise. Bastards. was originally published on Stringchronicity. You can read the full post and comment there!

Chili Day

The Husbeast and I are trying to clean up our diet. Which means less sugar, and more of what you’d call “natural whole-foods”. Essentially, we get rid of the “fillers” that have the highest calorie and carbohydrate load. It evens out our blood sugar (thankfully neither of us is diabetic), which means our moods are definitely more stable. Other side benefits include less headaches/migraine, less joint pain, and less muddled thinking.

And the way I look at it, it starts with chili.

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Knit Mittens!

Writers have NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Knitters….well, they just pick a month and knit the heck out of things. I’ve heard of NaKniSweMo (Sweaters), and October usually is dubbed “Socktoberfest”. January is apparently NaKniMitMo, which translates into mittens.

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Cold hands, warm heart

If there is one thing that Granny Martin tried to impress upon me as a youngster, it was that you should always have warm feet and warm hands. As I’ve learned since, you can cover the rest of yourself in as much wool as you like, but without those extremities taken care of, you’re still going to be a chilly, chilly body on a cold day.

I love mittens and handwarmers. I think they’re a great accent to wrap up your winter outfit. Sometimes it’s the only thing you can see! Having lived North of 60, I’m well aware of how to bury yourself in your jacket, hopefully with hood (and plenty of layers beneath).  The only thing with whimsy is the hands.

My brother’s family is still in the Yellowknife area, so I like to make the kids fun things that they can wear over the long winter. For my niece, I love mittens.  She loves being fashionable, so I figured she’d love a pair of traditional, lined, Latvian (stranded) mitts.


Nope. The pattern really wasn’t working out.  Sure, I got the lining right (yay!), but the pattern was getting lost in the colours of yarn.  Time to take it back to the basics.

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The things I wanted to show off but didn’t…

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m horrible at self-editing and not posting current projects as they wind up becoming gifts for family and friends and I never want to either get hopes up or ruin a surprise.  I’m hoping to stop that practice come the New Year, as I’m going to try spacing my knits out throughout the year.  My yarny goals for 2015 are as follows:
– 1 pair of socks per month
– 1 pair of mittens per month. Possibly lined
– 1 4oz package of fiber spun & plied per month.

That gives me a pair of socks to take with me wherever I go (#projectsockdrawer), a pair of mittens to go nuts on the stranding (#projectmittenbasket), and a bit of an excuse to delve into the fiber stash (#fiberpalooza).  I’m hoping that by the end of the year I’ll have a few more handspun items knit, and a topped up sock drawer and mitten basket.  I like the idea of a mitten basket. Some days you want more variety than the same old mittens you’ve been wearing out for 3 years. (The Hashtags are mine, btw…inspired/purloined by other knitters’ projects, but mine nonetheless)

The family will just have to guess which knits are for them!

Maybe there will be some other items throughout the year, like the long-awaited Bigger on the Inside shawl that I’ve spun the yarn for — I just need the time to devote to knitting lace.

So now, after all the wall of text, I should probably break it up with a little eye candy.  Today’s choice is a lovely pair of socks that went t my Mother-in-Law, Sheila.


Robin and I were taking a poke through one of Calgary’s many fine yarn stores (quite possibly Pudding yarn) when we spied this really lovely skein of pink-and-grey Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Multi,  I loved it, but didn’t think I could justify the expense, when Robin mentioned that it would make some lovely socks for his Mum.

Bear in mind, when I think of Sheila, I think in terms of vibrant Autumn colours. Forest greens, bright and burnt oranges of falling leaves….it offsets her strawberry blonde quite nicely.  Apparently, though, she has a secret liking for lighter colours that her son is aware of, so we bought the skein, took it home, and I cast on a pair of Hermione’s Everyday Socks with it.

I wish I could remember the colourway, but the ball band has gotten lost in Crafting Central down in the basement.  Eventually I will find it and add it to the Ravelry entry for this sock.


Sheila also scored a pair of Fiddlehead mittens I’d been working on for myself as a heavy-wool / extreme-cold-weather project. I really do need a pair of deep-winter mittens for scraping the car’s windshield on those days when it’s -20 or colder, but even as I was knitting these, I didn’t feel totally in tune with them for myself. They were telling me they were going to belong elsewhere.  I think they will keep her nice and toasty.  As it was, my Dad was eyeing them up.  Good thing his hands are Inhumanly Large and require Custom Fitting, otherwise she might have lost them to him!

The things I wanted to show off but didn’t… was originally published on Stringchronicity

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